I’m an independent designer and creative brand consultant with over ten years experience in some of the most respected design and branding agencies in London. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a huge variety of projects for various sectors responding to questions as small as ‘can you design me a logo’ to as big as ‘how do we change the way the world thinks about driving’.

From my base in East London I work with companies large and small to help them position themselves within their market and best communicate with their audiences. I understand that in the 21st century, the way consumers engage with companies means that a brand needs to be about more than just a visual aesthetic, it needs a reason for being, and a reason for people to buy into it.

I usually work with clients in one of two ways:

Creative brand consultancy

Advising on various issues including creative brand strategy, brand positioning, developing brand language and articulating propositions.

Graphic Design

From brand creation to implementation. I develop brand identities from scratch and implement designs across all media both on and offline. I approach design in a consultative way and from a perspective of problem solving, always considering a communication’s purpose of and how best to achieve the desired end result.   


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