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Head Heart + Brain

Head Heart + Brain are a leading authority on the principles of neuroscience and how businesses can apply them to get the best out of their people.

Run by Jan Hills, and with a number of books written on the subject advising on best practise, they are a true authority the subject, however their website lacked structure having evolved in a piecemeal way over time and so did not ‘practise what they preach’.

I was asked to redesign the site to make it clearer, easier to navigate and more aligned with the ‘Brain Savvy’ principles they instil in their clients organisations. In addition the website also needed to clearly explain the purpose of using Neuroscience—which is a complex subject—in a concise manner, whilst allowing access to numerous videos, articles, white papers and webinars

The result was to approach the website as part presentation, part reference library. A more structured approach to content allowed for information to be more easily accessed, and a reduced amount of content on each page aided the navigation. Working with the team at Writing Club a new tone and key messaging was established to succinctly explain the offer, and the prominence of some great explainer animations by Bill Porter was increased, the illustrations of which creates a consistent look and feel across the site.


“Adam is easy to work with and asks great questions that not only clarify the brief but make you really think about what you want. We now have a web site and branding that has received very good feedback.”

 Jan Hills
Partner, Head Heart + Brain

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