Claremont are one of the UKs top behaviour change communications agencies. Their purpose is to change behaviour for better living. They use behavioural science and co-design to tackle difficult problems and help people improve the way they live.

Their previous identity had been created when the company had a distinctly different offer and was no longer appropriate. I was tasked with reinventing it to reflect the more mature, intelligent and scientific agency the business had become.

One of the key things about Claremont is the way they work. They acknowledge that behaviour change is difficult work, and people are complicated. So they take a real world approach, getting in and amongst the audiences they’re working with. To do this they have to be real people, with a down to earth approach.

So it made sense to echo this approach in the identity. Out went trendy brick and wood patterns and in came a more grown up approach, with imagery depicting real people in the real world and a simple graphic arrow used to visually represent—and help tell the stories of—behaviour change. This was married with a more dynamic approach to layouts and some simple colour psychology. Every element had a reason for being and was grounded in the approach of the agency. The end result was an identity that was truly reflective of the ability and experience of the agency.

“The rebrand was highly successful.  We love it.  It’s given us a lift when facing new clients because we know they’re experiencing a truer depiction of who we are and what we’re about.”

Ben Caspersz, Founder and Managing Director, Claremont

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