Tempo run a UK wide Time Credit network encouraging people to contribute to their communities in return for vouchers which can be spent at a range of local attractions, training courses or activities.

After renaming the organisation (from Spice), they had begun the process of a rebrand and had developed a new logo, but needed help to develop a wider visual identity that would capture the nature of their organisation.

I was commissioned under a tight timeframe to help retrofit their logo into a wider visual identity whilst also navigating a range of practical restrictions around the real world, day to day use of the identity.

Passionate, Energetic, Welcoming, Bold

As part of the brief we determined a series of personality traits that Tempo wanted the identity to capture. These led to the creation of a vibrant look and feel with a design system that could be easily applied across all communication channels.

Tempo work with a range of community organisations, with regional networks being responsible for their own day to day communications. This meant it was imperative that the identity was easy to implement whilst still retaining a strong cohesive character.

This requirement helped to inform the simple approach to graphics and a photography treatment that would help to unify the varying style and quality of images they have to work with. An open source typeface was also incorporated to make the identity as easy to implement as possible.

“Adam did an amazing job of creating the right brand for Tempo after our re-name – something that suited the organisation we have grown into. I felt really proud to launch the new brand and have had incredibly positive feedback both from within the team and from external stakeholders. All this from coming in part way through a process as well!”

Jude Luckett, Development Director, Tempo

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